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Information of Silicone what we need to know

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Silicone gel is a kind of ointment that solidifies into a tough rubber-like solid once it comes into contact with water in the air.It is mainly divided into deacetic acid type, dealcohol type, deammonia type and dec type.Silicone glue is commonly known as glass glue because it is often used in glass bonding and sealing.Single-component silicone glass gum is a kind of ointment that solidifies into a tough rubber-like solid once it comes into contact with water in the air.

Silicone glass adhesive adhesion strong, tensile strength, and at the same time with weather resistance, vibration resistance, and moisture-proof, anti-odor and adapt to the cold and hot characteristics.Together with its wider applicability, it can realize the adhesion between most building materials products, so the application value is very great.

Package by product

One component and two components.

A one-component silicone gel whose solidification is caused by a change in physical properties due to contact with moisture in the air;

Two-component means that silicone rubber is divided into two groups, A and B. Any single group cannot form curing, but once the two groups of glue are mixed, curing will occur.

One component silicone glass glue is common in the market.

According to the nature

One - component silicone glass glue is divided into acidic glue and neutral glue.

Acid glass glue is mainly used for general bonding between glass and other building materials.And the neutral gum overcame the acid gum corrosion metal materials and alkaline materials reaction characteristics, so the scope of application is wider, its market price is slightly higher than acid gum.

A special kind of glass glue on the market is silicone structure sealant, because it is directly used in the metal and glass structure of glass curtain wall or non-structural bonding assembly, so the quality requirements and product grade is the highest in glass glue, its market price is also the highest.

According to the color

Silicone glass glue has a variety of colors, commonly used colors are black, porcelain white, transparent, silver gray, gray, bronze six.Other colors can be customized according to customer requirements