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HJ-238 is one-component,acetoxy cure,RTV silicone sealant with excellent adhesion,good elongation and good elasticity.Suitable for glass,ceramic,glass fibre,non-oily wood,aluminum profile and paintable base surface.It could be used indoor and outdoor and special designed for sealing all kinds of doors and windows, all kinds of glass gap sealing and decorative seals.


1.One-component,acetoxy cure at room temperature. 

2.Good tenacity and elasticity,short hardening time, ready to use.                                       

3.Good performance of waterproof, weatherproof, heat and cold resistance.                                      

4.Fast Curing.Excellent adhesion to most common building substrates.  

Suitable for glass, ceramic, glass fibre,non-oily wood, aluminum profile and paintable base surface.Multi-purpose joint filling and bonding, special for: 

1.Installation and sealing for all kinds of doors and windows.                                       

2.Sealing for all kinds of glass joints.                                          

3.All kinds of decorative gap sealing. 

1.The construction environment is well ventilated. 

2.Remove the old fill, remove any loose material, clean and dry the surface.

3.Paste on both sides of the construction surface with protection tape.

4.Cut the nozzle according to the size required.

5.Load the cartridge into caulking gun, fill the gap with the sealant at 45 degree angle.

6.Use a single-edged razor blade to remove excessive solidified sealant.And finished in 10 minutes.

If you contact with uncured product, please wash with water and seek medical care immediately.Non-toxic after curing. 

Packing:Inner packing:280ml/pc 300ml/pc 

Outer packing:24pcs/carton                                   

Storage:12months from manufacture date when store in cool dry locations below 27℃, keep away from heat source and direct sunlight during storage. 


ItemsDataTest Method
Reaction TypeAcetic
Cure TypeRTV
Componentone component
AppearanceSmooth paste
ColorTranslucence,white,black,silvery grey and other colors on request
Specific Gravity g/ml0.93~0.97(GB/T13477.2)
Flow,Sag or Slump0(GB/T13477.6-2002)
Extrusion  (ml/min)≥80(Φ4mm,0.2MPa)
Skinning time (Minutes)3≤10(GB/T13477.5-2002)
Curing time (hours) φ 6mm≤36
As Cured – after 7~21 days at 23°C± 2°C, 50% relative humidity
Movement capability%±20
Hardness Shore A (Cured)17~23(GB/T531-1999)
Elastic recovery%≥60(GB/T13477.17-2002)
Tensile strength (Mpa)≥0.5(GLUE STRIP Method)
Elongation at break%≥300%(GLUE STRIP Method)
Base material application Temperature4℃-40℃(GB/T13477.7-2002)
Optimum construction temperature15℃-27℃
Anti-mildewcould be as request

As apply at 23℃±2℃ and R.H50% conditions

Q:How long is your delivery time?
A: Around 20 days after confirmed and received the deposit according to different conditions.


Q:Do you provide samples? Is it free or extra?
A: Yes, we would provide free samples if you could pay for the freight charge.


Q: How could you guarantee your shipment quality?
A: We are very confident in our products and we pack them very well, so usually you will receive your order in good condition, any quality question, we will deal with it immediately.


Q:How to contact if encounter problem?
A:Please send Email to sales@cnhanjoin.com. Your inquiries will be replied in time, high attention and excellent service also could be provided.


Q:What is the advantage of your products?
A:Our products have the best quality and reasonable price.


Q:What is the terms of payment?
A:Normally, T/T30% deposit first, balance before delivery by T/T.

Q: Could you provide OEM service?
A: Yes, we could.

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